Notes from a Power-ful Trip to Virginia

Power is a big theme that I ran into again and again during my interviews in Virginia. I heard a lot about forms of Power that are hurting people—abuses by the police in Richmond and Charlottesville, Koch Brother money in higher education, utilities that build pipelines in poorer neighborhoods. But I also saw the power of people working together to make Virginia and our world better; using the power of their collective voice and action to overcome harmful and dangerous policies.


Season 2 of The Pledge Podcast will focus on the promise of people working together across ages, race, and even party to use their collective power on specific issues in Virginia. Once again I am primarily bringing you stories of inspiring women. Women pledging to protect their democracy by working on issues they are passionate about. You can look forward to learning how:

  • Virginia could be the last state needed to ratify the Equal Rights Amendment for the U.S. Constitution and, thanks to groups like VA Ratify ERA, the time could be now. The VA General Assembly needs just one more “yes” vote to make it happen, so the November 2019 Elections are HUGELY important.

  • Virginia could be the first state to truly transform Juvenile Justice, thanks to

  • Virginia climate activists can be a model for all of us in collaborating across the political divide to combat global warming.

  • Virginia’s George Mason University has been forced to respond to faculty and student activists standing up to dark private money’s efforts to take over our public higher education institutions.





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The Pledge Podcast also received an honorable mention for the Civvy’s Awards, which honor organizations working to “serve their nation and their neighbors through collaborative, creative efforts that inspire, unite and facilitate civic participation.” Go team!

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Allison with Ezra and Julia just before launch!

What Change Really Means

Hi Pledge Listeners!

I’m excited and a little nervous to announce the release of my latest episode featuring… me. As I started this podcast and my own activist journey around the midterm elections, I decided to track my own experiences as a way of honestly sharing and demystifying what it’s like to start to organize—the highs, the lows, the questioning and ultimate rewards around getting engaged. Although I never would have expected it even a few months earlier, I became the Southeast Regional Coordinator for Swing Left. I dedicated my energy and rallied my friends around the congressional campaign of Tabitha Isner of Alabama. Listen to the episode and join me through some self-discovery, hard work, frustration and inspiration.

This is the first of three episodes of what I’m calling a bonus mini-season of The Pledge. In two weeks I’ll be posting a guest interview from the podcast Democracy Works with civil rights legend Joyce Ladner. I think you will appreciate what she has to say!

Thanks as always for listening and for spreading the word. This is about all of us taking the steps we have to take to strengthen our democracy.

With gratitude,


Episode 7 Image (4).png

Change is certainly never going to happen if we don't believe it's possible...we have to go down and be part of this movement.

Audio Diary, October 2018

Allison, Melanie and Shana canvassing with Swing Left

"I'm angry, I'm not scared" - The Pledge Podcast #6

Dear Pledge Listeners,

I'm sending this last newsletter from Birmingham, where I had the honor of moderating a panel for Emerge Alabama featuring several of the amazing women featured on The Pledgethe perfect way to end this first season. More on that later! Today I’m so excited to share with you Mary Wilson's story: "I'm angry. I'm not scared." 

Mary Wilson spent most of her life keeping her thoughts under wraps, only taking them out on the piano keys. This was what she knew was necessary to protect her husband's career and their family's livelihood. But after her husband was unjustly laid off, she realized it was time to speak her mind and get politically involved. A self-defined "feisty old broad", Mary is not afraid to proudly confront people who want her to keep her political views to herself. 

I loved meeting Mary. Her resolve, her candor, and her humor show the beauty and power of being authentically yourself. Enjoy!


“I'm a feisty old broad. Don't mess with me.”

Mary S. Wilson

Mary Wilson’s story is the final regular episode to Season 1 of The Pledge but stay tuned! I'm working on a bonus episode and will be in touch about plans for Season 2.

Until then, stay strong and stick with your pledge!


Meet Nancy Deabler in Episode 5: “Rally up!”

Dear Pledge Listeners,

I am so excited to share with you Nancy Deabler’s story. She was the woman who most surprised me.

A traditional White, Southern woman, Nancy breaks every stereotype. She demonstrates what it means to link her liberal politics to her Christian values, and to have these values inform every part of her life. Nancy reminds us that we have to act now — our democracy, and Alabama's children, can’t wait.

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Allison Daskal Hausman, Producer and Host

Nancy Social Logo (1).png

“This is real. This is not a reality show that you can turn the volume down, or turn the TV off, and it'll go away. He's there and our future is very much at stake.”

—Nancy Deabler

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Listen to The Pledge Episode #4 —How Do You Break That Mentality?

Episode Four of The Pledge introduces Ashley Smith. Ashley ran to become a District Judge in rural Lowndes County, Alabama, where the court system reflects the same all-white power structure it has since before the civil rights movement. Inspired by her grandfather and dedicated to providing justice for everyone regardless of race, Ashley drove hundreds of miles and shook thousands of hands to get her message out.

Listen to The Pledge as Ashley tells her story of the ongoing struggle for equal rights and justice in the footsteps of the 1965 Selma-to-Montgomery march for voting rights.

Ashley Social Media (1).png

“If you come together as a collective then you have more power than the people that are in power, because they're only in power because of you.”

- Ashley Smith

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Allison Daskal Hausman, Producer and Host

Episode Three of The Pledge is now available!

Episode Three of The Pledge introduces Oni Williams. Oni lives in one of the poorest neighborhoods in Birmingham where she regularly visits barbershops and strip clubs to speak with members of the community to inform them of their rights and encourage them to speak out. Oni explains that everyone has a voice, and everyone has a right to hold their leaders accountable.

Listen to The Pledge as Oni tells the her story of how she came to believe in her own responsibility to speak out and take action.

Oni Color.png

“Society has told them they don't have a right to hold these people accountable. But they do.”

—Oni Williams

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Allison Daskal Hausman, Producer and Host

Episode Two of The Pledge is now available!

Episode Two introduces us to Stacie Propst, the Director of Emerge Alabama, who is training and supporting a generation of first-time woman candidates in Alabama. Growing up, Stacie fit in well with her predominately anti-feminist, republican peers, but she sensed something was wrong with how outsiders were treated and how women were expected to behave. Now, Stacie is certain that the future of Alabama, and the country, depends on more women gaining political power and breaking up the status quo. Listen to The Pledge as Stacie shares the story of her own political evolution, and what keeps her working every day to strengthen democracy in Alabama.

Stacie Head Shot.png

“I do know that right now to save our democracy you better put some people in office who care about that democracy. And that is these women that I'm talking to every day.

- Stacie Probst

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Allison Daskal Hausman, Producer and Host

The Pledge Podcast is LIVE!

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Episode One tells the story of Elizabeth, who found her political voice in the Alabama special election for Senate and just keeps fighting for change. Listen to The Pledge as we explore what motivates this inspiring and tireless activist, and follow her evolution as a political force in her state.

Elizabeth Thumbnail.jpeg

“Yes I get frustrated when I watch the news. But I have an avenue to turn that into something positive because I'm involved because I stay engaged.”

-Elizabeth Rappaport Shannon

The Pledge Podcast explores political activism through short audio portraits. We call it The Pledge because it celebrates activism as a commitment to the hard work of democracy. Making this pledge means taking risks, speaking out, working hard and fighting day after day. It’s not easy, and success is often slow and never guaranteed. But making a commitment—a pledge—can motivate us to stay engaged for the long haul, which is the only way to truly make change.

Podcast Launch in February!

After criss-crossing the state of Alabama three times, meeting many amazing activist women, and learning the craft of podcasting from scratch, I could not be more excited to announce:

The Pledge Podcast will launch on Presidents Day, February 18th!

As loyal pre-listeners, you know how much your support means to me. Now get ready to do three things:

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  • Come to the launch party on Feb. 25th! From 6-7:30pm at the Podcast Garage, 267 Western Ave. Brighton, we will listen to some audio, do a Q&A, and meet women activists. Invitation to follow.

In this first season you’ll meet six remarkable women who take democracy into their own hands. We will explore their motivations and share the exhilaration and frustrations of trying to break through the entrenched establishment in this deep red state. Despite the obvious challenges and inevitable setbacks they face, these activists refuse to give up. Their efforts taught me so much and make me feel inspired, and even optimistic, about our democracy. I hope that when you listen to The Pledge, you will feel it too. Thank you your help to get the word out there. Until then, stay strong and keep YOUR pledge.

Patriotically yours,