Since 2016, “tens of millions of Americans have joined protests and rallies...

...their activism often driven by admiration or outrage toward President Trump, according to a Washington Post-Kaiser Family Foundation poll,” (Washington Post, 4/6/18). 19% of those Americans say it’s their very first time. What makes citizens take action— to move from complacency to activism? The Pledge sheds a little light on this question.

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The Pledge Podcast

The Pledge podcast explores this surge in activism through short audio portraits of people from diverse backgrounds who made the leap to civic and political engagement. It’s called The Pledge because activism is a choice to take risks, work hard and fight. It’s not easy. Making a commitment—a pledge—can motivate us to stay engaged for the long haul.

Ever since I started talking to people about why they are engaged, I’ve found my own courage to take action in a way I’ve never done before.
— Allison Daskal Hausman, The Pledge Producer and Host

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