This bonus mini-season adds three episodes to Season 1.

First, listen to my own activist journey around the midterm elections—the highs, the lows, the questioning and ultimate rewards around getting engaged. Then, a guest episode from the podcast Democracy Works, featuring an interview with Civil Rights activist Joyce Ladner. Finally, The Pledge sound designer, Tina Toby Mack, brings us a story from Austin, Texas.

Canvassing in Alabama

Episode 7: What Change Really Means

Allison shares her own story of political activism in the 2018 midterm elections. Using audio diary entries along with interviews with friends who shared the journey, Allison explores the highs, lows, and ultimate rewards of organizing support for candidates in the southeastern US. Ultimately, Allison became the Southeast Regional Coordinator for Swing Left and focussed her energy on the long-shot congressional campaign of Tabitha Isner in Alabama.