Episode Two of The Pledge is now available!

Episode Two introduces us to Stacie Propst, the Director of Emerge Alabama, who is training and supporting a generation of first-time woman candidates in Alabama. Growing up, Stacie fit in well with her predominately anti-feminist, republican peers, but she sensed something was wrong with how outsiders were treated and how women were expected to behave. Now, Stacie is certain that the future of Alabama, and the country, depends on more women gaining political power and breaking up the status quo. Listen to The Pledge as Stacie shares the story of her own political evolution, and what keeps her working every day to strengthen democracy in Alabama.

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“I do know that right now to save our democracy you better put some people in office who care about that democracy. And that is these women that I'm talking to every day.

- Stacie Probst

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With hope for our power together,

Allison Daskal Hausman, Producer and Host