The Pledge podcast is about building a community of people outside the traditional spheres of political influence who are engaging in democratic activity and having impact. It is about the possibility of a democracy for all. It is about making a pledge to act.

In each episode, we will learn what makes some people take extraordinary action to participate in government and, from their examples, what all of us can achieve. Why do or don’t we get involved with the democratic process? What circumstances and changes in outlook make someone who traditionally hasn’t felt empowered choose to take action?

The podcast will initially focus on stories from Alabama. Up until the recent special election, many Alabamians didn’t feel that the possibility of change existed. But a remarkable awakening occurred, led by the energy, innovation, and motivation of individuals who found their voices and the power to engage. The new energy, optimism and progress happening in that state will provide lessons and inspiration to all Americans eager to see a more responsive and effective government.

Why a podcast?

I have always been drawn to the power of telling stories through audio. Audio has an advantage of intimacy that can exceed video, and provides space for the listener to resonate with the story. The result can be is a memorable experience that inspires reflection and sometimes—action. A podcast can present these stories and serve as a channel that invites conversation and participation with listeners. A community can result that inspires and grows.

Who is the audience?

This podcast is for individuals who are disillusioned, frustrated, or fearful about our current political process as well as those who are already energized and involved. The stories will highlight bright spots of democracy in action. We will meet people who believe in their own agency and are making a difference. Each episode will both inspire and provide concrete guidance for how to take action.

Do you have a story to share? Please let me know!